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SMC has a few events every year for charities--one of our biggest being the annual Shriner's ride, to raise money for the children's hospital in Philadelphia.  To date, we have contributed many thousands of dollars to the hospital.

Our annual Toy Run benefits the Milton Salvation Army.  Containers are placed locally for donations, which are retrieved and donated, along with monetary donations, to our local Salvation Army children.

Local veterans in need have also benefited from our contributions.

Original race track on left--current space on right.

For SMC merchandise, such as t-shirts, hoodies, strip caps, etc., please contact the club at the link below: UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

The Susquehanna Motorcycle Club is nestled between the glacial moraines of central Pennsylvania. The club was established in 1946 by five returning war veterans with a love for motorcycle racing. The purpose of the club, according to their bylaws, is:

“to promote and foster active and spectator interest and participation in motorcycle riding and motorcycle sportsmen’s events, and the fellowship and sociability incidental to all Club activities.”

A small patch of land, sitting on a bed of shale, was purchased and the first track was a simple drag strip where drag racing and field events were held. In the early 1950s a “clubhouse” was constructed, nothing more than a basement with a roof at ground level; spectators would stand on the roof to watch the drag races. In the late ’50s a few turns were added to the drag strip as well as a first floor addition to the clubhouse; the bar was now at ground level, which probably saved a few scraped shins. The SMC gained charter membership in the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) in 1946 and actively promoted competitive motorcycling events throughout the ’60s and ’70s.

Declining interest in motorcycle racing, increasing insurance costs of hosting competitive racing events, and a tragic and fatal drag race collision that claimed two lives slowly took its toll. By the early ’80s a deafening silence descended; the sounds of drags, scrambles and cheering crowds disappeared and motorcycle racing was no longer the main attraction at the Susquehanna Motorcycle Club.

Today, the SMC is considered more of an independent motorcycle club for those mostly interested in a motorcycling lifestyle and motorcycle riding.

History of the club

Susquehanna Motorcycle Club